Why Can't We All Just Get Along

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The book, Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? will one day be a classic. This amazing work will always be a treasured contribution by Dr. Dana Carson as he provides us with riveting information spurred from his original dissertation submitted to Regent University, which explored the black church and integration.

The book recounts real life stories and testimonies he received from men and women, both black and white, about their feelings about integrating the black church. Poignantly discussed are the challenges, as well as the pros and cons, of integrating the black church, which has traditionally served as a haven for black pain and a place of empowerment for black youth and families.

Then Dr. Carson moves us to the biblical premises concerning multiculturalism, its benefits, and its relationship to the Kingdom of God. Any serious thinker and advocate of church empowerment must read this powerful work. Both laymen and leaders will be encouraged by reading this very powerful, moving work – yet another invaluable tool to advance the mission of the Kingdom of God!