A Journey Through the New Testament

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A Journey Through the New Testament is another brilliant Kingdom resource written by Dr. Dana Carson. A Journey Through the New Testament demonstrates both the scholarship and practical ministry of Dr. Dana Carson in order to prepare the serious Kingdom leader for effective Kingdom ministry. A Journey Through the New Testament is a practical textbook that guides the reader through New Testament history from a Kingdom perspective. This book complements Dr. Carson’s other two Kingdom resources in this series, A Journey Through the Old Testament and A Journey Through Church History. This book is guaranteed to open the reader’s understanding of the New Testament through its Jewish background and context. Dr. Carson has taken the best of seminary training in theology and made it practical for the Kingdom leader and the serious Bible student. He presents the world of the New Testament in a clear and concise, but comprehensive manner. Read the New Testament through the lens of the Kingdom and gain a new understanding of the gospels, Jesus and His disciples, and the New Testament itself! Learn about the Apostle Paul and his journeys as he spread the gospel of the Kingdom and Jesus the Messiah throughout the Gentile world. This book will prove to be invaluable to anyone desiring to study the New Testament.