Welcome to the Kingdom

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What does it really mean to be in the Kingdom? Today, one of the biggest hindrances to entering the Kingdom is joining the church. While the church is a critical organism in the Kingdom, it was never intended to be the ultimate in the Kingdom. In this Kingdom work, Welcome to the Kingdom, Dr. Carson clearly and practically teaches on what it means to see, enter, and live a Kingdom life!

Using the Kingdom Parable of the Sower, Dr. Carson teaches you how to be a victorious Kingdom citizen over Satan and situations. You will learn:

  • The difference between the church and the Kingdom
  • The Kingdom message and mission in a 21st century context
  • How the enemy strategically attacks your life
  • The four key Kingdom relationships of EVERY Kingdom citizen 

Welcome to the Kingdom will help you as a 21st century believer understand your Kingdom citizenship, making it one of the most practical books written on the Kingdom of God ever! Whether you're a leader or a laymen, this book will revolutionize your life! Welcome to the Kingdom and welcome to the abundant and prosperous Kingdom life!