The Lost Book of Church History

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The Lost Book of Church History is a fascinating read! Dr. Dana Carson engages his academic dissertation written to Boston University and examines the impact of American slavery upon the church in America and explores how, out of moral tragedy, the black church was victoriously birthed! Church history books have only sparsely acknowledged the event of American slavery and how the church responded to it, but Dr. Carson brings out brutal truth of slavery and the church’s participation in it. The book also explores the significant African contributions to the history of the Christian church – even since the time of Jesus Christ – facts that most Christians do not know. 

Dr. Carson’s research and writing demonstrate how crippled the church has operated historically due to an inaccurate portrayal of church history. The Lost Book of Church History will educate 21st century believers, who desire to understand the modern church and why the eleven o’clock Sunday morning hour is still being the most segregated hour in America. Every responsible Christian and concerned historian should read this profound work, written by an inner city native of Chicago, who is an accomplished and prolific author – Dr. Dana Carson.