The Kingdom, the Culture, & You!

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The Kingdom, the Culture and YOU! is a must read for every 21st century believer! This book is written by Dr. Dana Carson and has articles written by his colleagues and former professors, Dr. Trevor Grizzle; professor of New Testament and Greek at Oral Roberts University, and Dr. Brad Young; the professor of Old Testament, Judaic Studies, and Hebrew at Oral Roberts University.

This book addresses many 21st century socio-economic issues and the place of politics in the Kingdom of God. Dr. Carson has dared to tread upon controversial waters and takes a deep dive into such issues as homosexuality and the Kingdom, the Kingdom in the marketplace, and much, much more! This work will assist you in understanding the 1st century context of the ministry of Christ and how some of the controversial issues of our time were interpreted and viewed in His Kingdom context.

If you are a serious Kingdom-minded citizen, this book will totally revolutionize your spiritual life and give you a solid biblical perspective of the Kingdom, the culture, and YOU!