The Kingdom and the Supernatural

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The Kingdom of God is a realm in which God rules and reigns in the life of His citizens in power and authority! The believer’s life is a life in the Spirit; walking in the Spirit, being led by the Spirit and being filled with the Spirit. The message of the Kingdom provides those who embrace Christ as King, an opportunity to experience a supernatural life through regeneration. This book teaches us how to live a Spirit-filled and focused life that manifests the supernatural.

The Kingdom and the Supernatural is a must read for those who desire to understand how to walk in the Spirit and how to flow in spiritual gifts as you triumph over the flesh. Dr. Carson’s brand of writing and teaching makes biblical concepts so crystal clear and provides the reader with the ability to understand concepts that are sometimes too lofty for the average person.

Dr. Carson breaks down the supernatural aspects of our natural world to such a magnitude that after reading the book you become more conscience of your spiritual existence not simply your natural existence. Christ came performing all types of supernatural acts, from turning water to wine, to opening blinded eyes and raising the dead. The Kingdom ministry of Christ was characterized by the supernatural. In this work, Dr. Carson, as only he can, teaches you how to walk in the supernatural.