Lord Help, I'm Trapped in the Church

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This book is extremely insightful! Dr. Carson has captured the reality of many contemporary Christians who detect something is wrong with the Christian church, primarily based on their own feelings of hunger and unfulfillment. By teaching what the church should be doing, Christians will finally be able to 'put their finger' on what the church is missing - Jesus! In this book, Dr. Carson describes how many of the traditions of the church have caused people to put their faith in unfounded teachings. Through the principles taught in this book you will be able to accurately assess their relationship with God and His church. This book provides biblical tools that will empower Kingdom citizens to resist the devil and experience high levels of Kingdom satisfaction and effectiveness. Dr. Carson has done it again by shining a light and providing ways that will help those who are attempting to transition from spiritual mediocrity to spiritual significance. This is a must read for anyone who desires to experience greater levels of God's presence in this life, regain their Kingdom focus, and ensure their place around the throne!