Kingdom Exegesis - Volume 2

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Wow, what a treasure of Kingdom knowledge and wealth. Kingdom Exegesis is one of the most empowering and knowledge-sharing sources on the Kingdom of God that is available today! Written by Dr. Dana Carson, known as the Kingdom Voice, this book is one of the most powerful works on the Kingdom of God. Kingdom Exegesis explores the presence of the Kingdom of God in all 66 books of the Bible. There has never been a resource like this available to the Body of Christ. For those who are trying to understand the Bible from a Kingdom perspective, which is its original context, Dr. Carson has made this possible by exploring the cultural context and message of the Kingdom of God in language and practice throughout both testaments of the Bible.

Whether you are a church leader or a serious student of the scriptures and desire to understand the message of the Kingdom in its original context, this book makes it plain and understandable. Kingdom Exegesis is a two volume set: Volume 1 – Kingdom Exegesis: The Older Testament, and Volume 2 – Kingdom Exegesis: The Newer Testament. This series is a part of Dr. Dana Carson’s Kingdom Preachers Series, which also includes Kingdom Homiletics and Kingdom Hermeneutics. This is a must read for serious Kingdom students and scholars!