Is Christianity a White Man's Religion? How to Win African-American Males to the Kingdom of God

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Many black men have resolved that Christianity is the white man’s religion, and much of the writing of church history has been written from that perspective. However, church history and biblical account do not validate the volumes of material that point to God being European and Christianity being defined through Rome. Many black men have given up their confidence in the Christian church and have pursued other affiliations, like Islam, where 90% of the Islamic growth in the U.S. stems from African-American males. Yet, the church still can have a great appeal to black men, who, as the most disadvantaged demographic in America, need the power of the Lord Jesus Christ! 

Dr. Dana Carson’s qualitative and quantitative research, which was presented to Boston University as part of his dissertation entitled “How Independent Church in Select Areas Are Reaching Young Adult African-American Males Ages 14-35,” provides the church with some solid methodologies for appealing to black men. His exclusive research findings were gathered from black men in the church, outside of the church, on college campuses, and in the prison system. This book will revolutionize the church’s approach to winning black men to the Kingdom of God. Every pastor, leader, father, mother, compassionate citizen, and black man must read this book! This book will prove to be a classic read for the 21st century contemporary Christian church!