And This Gospel of the Kingdom (Required Textbook)

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And This Gospel of the Kingdom is another brilliant work from the pen and spirit of Dr. Carson. In this book, he revisits the traditional view of the gospel of the Kingdom of God and concludes that we have proclaimed the gospel with a misaligned emphasis placed upon the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. He thoroughly proves, from the Holy Scriptures through the dispensations of time, that Christ came preaching the gospel of the Kingdom, not the gospel of the resurrection. Dr. Carson opines that the message of the cross and the resurrection was never intended to be the end goal, but the means to the end – the Kingdom! This book: - Explains how the gospel has been misinterpreted and that the authentic gospel of the Kingdom calls men to subject themselves to the rule and reign of God through Christ Jesus - Reveals that God desires and it is His will to become Lord, not just Savior, of the believer’s life – the new dominating force in life that fills the void left by Satan’s dominion. This is a must read for every serious believer and church leader! It will surely cause you to re-evaluate your belief in the work of Christ as the Passover Lamb and re-evaluate your commitment to Jesus the Messiah!