Incarnational Leadership: Leading From Their Shoes (Required Textbook)

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Winston Churchill. Napoleon Bonaparte. Martin Luther King, Jr. Lee Iacocca. What do each of these men have in common? On any Google search, these distinguished gentlemen are listed as some of the greatest leaders of all time. Their leadership accomplishments are unparalleled, their exploits unmatched by few, if any, of their peers within their respective generations. Thousands of books have been written about their uncanny abilities to effectuate change in their contexts through their leadership. Further, with technology facilitating the immediate translation of these writings into hundreds of languages, people around the world on every continent study their carefully penned leadership strategies closely, attempting to walk in the footprints of these legends and replicate their successes. However, despite all of the books on the shelf and all of the best efforts to replicate the successes of these leadership legends by would-be leaders worldwide, the vast majority inevitably fall short. How could this be? Why do so many fail when following the blueprint of what should yield inevitable success? Perhaps the answer is in the model.