Growing Prosperity Systematically Vol. 3

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The GPS Kingdom Handbooks of Financial Intelligence are a must read for every Kingdom of God citizen. In this handbook, Dr. Dana Carson utilizes a combination of his nearly 30 years of executive leadership, multi-million dollar organizational leadership experience, along with his Duke MBA experience and provides relevant insight and financial coaching that will change your financial future. The GPS (Growing Prosperity Systematically) Kingdom Handbooks of Financial Intelligence are designed to address all the pertinent areas of financial management and assist you in: - reducing your debt, - increasing your net worth, - and creating multiple streams of income.

The GPS handbooks are a multi-volume set that discuss practical ways to establish a budget within which you can live, how to calculate your net worth, understanding banking and how to get the most out of your banking relationship, micro- and macroeconomics, investments, financial statements, entrepreneurship, taxes, estate planning, real-estate, and much, much more! The GPS Kingdom Handbooks of Financial Intelligence were written with an apostolic pen, someone highly sensitive to the Kingdom agenda. So, they will be an incredible source for you and your family to take control of your finances and become a lender, not a borrower as the Bible prescribes. The GPS Handbooks of Financial Intelligence are the missing link for sound Kingdom stewardship and must be experienced in order for you to be mentored to financial success. This is not just another book, but a coaching guide: out of financial stress and into financial prosperity – God’s way!