Generation of Mini-Me's

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The Millennial generation, according to research, is a generation that will suffer a very challenging future economically, educationally, and entrepreneurially. There is a way to ensure that your children grow up to be economically, educationally, and entrepreneurially successful, and Dr. Carson gives you several keys in his phenomenal book - Generation of Mini-Me's!

Generation of Mini-Me’s provides guidance and practical instructions on how to parent with power and effectiveness. You will learn:

  • Four messages every parent should teach their children
  • Spiritual parenting vs. secular parenting
  • Parenting myths perpetuated by dysfunctional parents
  • Keys to raising successful children in a counterfeit society

Dr. Dana Carson, having successfully parented five children, provides invaluable wisdom on how to raise our children with Kingdom focus and success from his over 25 years of parental experience and biblical scholarship.

This book will assist parents, grandparents, and mentors who desire to raise successful and effective children in the Kingdom. This book is not simply a must read, but a must-do to ensure your children are not just mini-me’s, but reflections of God’s Kingdom!