Dispensation Next

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The face of the Christian church is changing worldwide. The fastest growing churches are in communities of people with African descent worldwide. The church in western society is facing a state of emergency due to thousands of dying churches. Research suggests that 4,000 churches are closing annually and only 1,000 new churches are being started annually, and over 50% of them have a high probability of failure. The growing churches tend to be Spirit-filled churches that operate in the “charismata” or the gifts of the Spirit. Mainline churches, who have been responsible for the growth of American churches, are facing extinction, as the average age of the church’s membership is almost 15 years older than the population. What is the church to do while biblical illiteracy increases and church attendance decreases? What is God saying and what is God doing? This type of crisis is nothing new to the faith. Throughout church history, the church’s existence has been challenged by both internal and external threats. This kind of context has created the need for revival and reformation.

Dispensation Next: Preparing for the Kingdom Movement – Africa, African-Americans, and Prophecy suggests that the church is headed towards reformation. In this work, Dr. Carson explores the biblical and prophetic basis for the next reformation, which he refers to as the “Dispensation of Exaltation.” Dr. Carson explores the prophetic utterance that the next great move of God would be lead by a black man, uttered by Oral Roberts and others. Dr. Carson explains that the next move of God is the move back to the message of the Kingdom of God, where Christ is exalted as King! This work is a must read for those who are concerned about the church’s future. It will explore the church’s prophetic connection to the African slave trade, the Spirit-filled movement, and what God is doing in this Kingdom movement. This book will speak volumes to you and revolutionize the way you are hearing the Word of God in this Kingdom dispensation!