The Office of the Pastor

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The five-fold ministry of the Christian church is a well-known ministry structure that includes apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. While these gifts are very familiar to the serious Bible student, most believers don’t understand how each one functions in relationship to the others.

For centuries, only three offices have been present in the church world: pastor, evangelist, and teacher. The challenge with this three-fold structure is that it has placed the pastor as the head office; confusing his role with the apostle, who was appointed to plant churches and lead the other offices; and consequently, overburdened the gift of the office of the pastor. Many pastors today are experiencing burnout and a host of other challenges ranging from family issues to health issues.

Dr. Dana Carson wrote The Office of the Pastor in order to teach 21st century pastors how to function and become both efficient and effective in their pastoral work. The Office of the Pastor will equip pastors both spiritually and professionally for the work that God has called them to do. This book will inspire, instruct, and empower pastors to become more productive and effective as they understand their Kingdom office and embrace their Kingdom goals.


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