Kingdom Warfare

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The Kingdom of God has become the new "buzz word" for the 21st century church, and though it is catching on like a new cultural fad, many misunderstand this concept. The proclamation of the Kingdom was a message of conflict between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God that catapulted every believer into spiritual warfare. 

Kingdom Warfare will teach the believer how to walk in authority over principalities and power and how to live a victorious life over Satan. Dr. Carson, who is one of the most well-written scholars and practitioners on the Kingdom of God, teaches how God through Christ has inaugurated the Kingdom. Christ the King now has dominion over Satan, sin, sickness, and the saints as ruling king and ultimate ruler over all. This book will teach the believer about Satan, fallen angels, and the spirit realm in which we are called to battle against the forces of evil on behalf of God. The book will help you to understand what the Bible teaches about the three heavens and how to be victorious in your life against every attack of the enemy! Dr. Carson has provided the Body of Christ an invaluable resource for spiritual warfare.