Kingdom Discussions in Theology

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In the age of, what some would refer to as, biblical illiteracy, there are very few church leaders who are committing themselves to understanding theology proper. The book, Kingdom Discussions in Theology is written to provide Kingdom leaders with a broad base of discussions in theology from a Kingdom perspective. The church did not begin in North America or during European colonization, and Dr. Dana Carson probes the annals of theology from a historically accurate perspective. Dr. Carson takes a look at biblical themes that every Kingdom leader should understand as they mount the stage of leadership responsibility. This book addresses topics such as God, the Trinity, Soteriology, the Reformation Period/Roman Catholicism, Pentecostalism, Evangelicalism, and many more topics. This book will empower the reader to have a greater grasp of some of the most major themes of the Bible. This book connects contemporary readers with the historical beliefs of the church – beliefs that have defined her for the last 21 centuries. Please join Dr. Carson for Kingdom Discussions in Theology.